Normal procedure for building your house would be to contact local builders
and get some estimates .
Building Permits
The builder will then arrange for a building permit before starting to build your
house.You can also arrange the  permit in your name as a promotor if you wish.
Spanish legislation is quite rigid when building in rural areas and in most cases
it is difficult to get permits for large houses unless you have enough quantity of
land to become a farmer or the permits are focused into buildings for
bussiness development of the area such as rural B&B , campsites , restaurants ,etc .
Even then it is alway better to ask first in the local ayuntamiento for such developments.
If there is a small casa in your finca , then you should have the possibility to renovate and
extend it. The casa can be also put in the deeds if it is not already declared.
In some areas permission can be  given for 120 - 140 m2 building .For urban land ( Urbanizaciones)
normally there is a no problem geting building permits but land needs to have the classification of urbanizable.

Wooden houses, mobile homes , prefabricated buildings
There is also the possibility of erecting a wooden house that can vary from

30m2 to 240m2. For large Wooden Houses some Tecnicos  of the Ayuntamiento
may ask for a  building permit  and even  more regulations apply on the buildings
such as fire proof , etc.
Water and Electric supply
Some of the fincas have already mains water and electric from the grid.
Fincas in some areas without water can now join an approved project to supply mains water in the near future . In the mean time you can have a cisterna ( 5 to 20 m3 ) that will supply your water needs.
Electric can be obtained with solar systems , wind mills and generators all them very efficient and sometimes of better quality than the electrical grid.

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